February 2017

The Holstein Chamber of Commerce met on Feb 9th at noon at Boulders Inn and Suites. Pres. Jamee Dittmer called the meeting to order. Sheryl Leonard motioned to approve the minutes as presented and Tyler Parsons seconded the motion, motion carried. Pres. Dittmer presented the Treasurer’s report, Kathy Vollmar motioned to accept the report and S Leonard seconded the motion, motion carried.

In old business, K Vollmar informed chamber that she and Teresa Hunt programmed the control boxes that were accessible and we are still experiencing difficulties. Shaun Winkel contacted In Control of Mapleton in regards to the lights. They charge $60.00 per man hour. City Hall will distribute the Welcome Bags to new community members that are provided by the Holstein Chamber. K Vollmar and Christina Volkert will fill the bags and deliver to City Hall to be distributed. The waste receptacles have been ordered and will be delivered mid-February. T Parsons asked about dog waste bags being available as an add on to the receptacles. No action was taken on the suggestion. We still have some open spots for the Holstein Business Spotlight. Contact Teresa Hunt to schedule a month.

In new business, the budget for 2017 was set. Chris Brown was contacted by a carnival company about hosting them in early August. He brought the information to the meeting but the open date has already been filled by the carnival company. Different fund raising ideas were discussed. After some discussion, this topic was tabled until next month. Chamber members are encouraged to bring ideas to the March meeting. Vice Pres. Gayle Brown will be attending the Main St IA workshop held in Sac City on Feb 21st. A community must attend a Main St IA workshop before being able to apply for any grant monies.

The Chamber website was discussed. Christina Kjar Hanson was asked to contact Roxy Stevenson about the website and look into making the website easier to update so that others can help with maintaining and updating information. The Chamber After Hours is scheduled for March 3rd from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and will be held and hosted by Rehabd at 107 S Main St. 

Pres. Dittmer handed out Membership Perks flyers to those in attendance.

With no further business to be discussed, Libby Bagenstos motioned to adjourn and G Brown seconded it. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamee Dittmer, Pres. 

Posted on May 5, 2017 .