March 2017

The Holstein Chamber of Commerce met on Mar 9th at Boulders Inn and Suites at noon with 18 businesses present. Pres. Jamee Dittmer called the meeting to order. Sheryl Leonard made a motion to accept the minutes from Feb. as presented and Amanda Nobles seconded the motion, motion carried. Treasurer Teresa Hunt presented the financial report. Sherry Gebers made a motion to accept the report as presented and A Nobles seconded the motion, motion carried.

In old business, the Holstein Appreciation committee gave the results of the winners. T Hunt will notify the winners. She will write up an article for the paper and submit a photo. The winners will also be recognized during Kinderfest. The first Chamber After Hours was hosted at Rehabd with 10 people present. After some discussion, it was suggested that team of 4 or 5 members be formed to assist the business that is hosting. It was also suggested to utilize more advertising options. The next Chamber After Hours will be held in June. Connie Ludvigson informed chamber that the Farmer’s Market will be held on Tuesdays during the summer months. Watch for further information/details in the coming months. Roxie Stevenson and Christina Kjar were not present to give updates on the website.

Gayle Brown and C Ludvigson attended the Main Street IA workshop in Sac City. It was noted that Holstein is not in a position to begin the process at this time. G Brown stated that it is at least a 3+ year project. She stated that there was lots of good information presented. The Channel Brite lights were discussed. It was suggested that the Chamber contact another company to look into them. It was suggested that possibly Holstein Electric, WITCC or Job Corp classes be contacted. T Hunt will contact Holstein Electric and WITCC and Karla Meier will contact Job Corp. T Hunt and Kathy Vollmar need to touch base with a couple of businesses yet and set the programming boxes. 

Fundraising ideas were discussed. K Meier stated that the comedian that Mapleton hosted was a success. All tickets were sold and businesses sponsored the comedian. Some different suggestions offered were an interactive Murder Mystery evening, comedians and musical ideas. It was discussed to keep the ideas fun and geared towards adults as a way to break up the cabin fever feeling. The Waste Receptacles have been delivered, working on locations that will work best for the community and maintenance. Business spotlight for April will be Rosemary Clausen Performing Arts Center.

In new business, Pastor Tyler Parson of the Marketing/Branding committee talked about delegating authority for moving forward on ideas. It was discussed that having no budget has created some challenging moments for the group. It was discussed allowing them to make a financial decision without having to contact Chamber and ask for permission to spend some monies. There were some questions in the budget if they were considered in the advertising dollars. It was noted that they are not in the advertising dollars. A Nobles made a motion to take the monies from the 2017 Kinderfest budget and give it to the Marketing/Branding committee. Bridget Drey seconded the motion and motion carried. The Marketing/Branding committee will be able to make financial decisions without prior approval from Chamber, but T Hunt will issue payments for the committee. It was also noted that the Marketing/Branding Committee is working on getting a comedian for some time in April. More information to follow as details are finalized.

In other business, T Hunt noted that she has fielded 5 phone calls regarding Chamber during the month of February. A Nobles, Libby Bagenstos and Chris Brown are working on getting a Daycare Center in Holstein. K Vollmar informed the group that she and Christina Volkert are now on the Welcome Bag committee. She stated that they are running low on items to be placed in the bags. She stated that she will be contacting businesses for additional items. Businesses may drop off items for the bags at Vollmar Motors or Community Bank. 

With there being no further business to discuss, Pres. J Dittmer made a motion to adjourn the meeting and PT Parson seconded the motion, motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Hunt

Posted on May 5, 2017 .